Norway's first impact investment and advisory firm focusing on diversity, innovation and startups

With diversity as a competitive advantage at the core, we work to bridge the financial gap that founders with diverse background in early stages are facing and support, advise and invest in early stage companies that focus on solutions around diversity. In addition, we work on building an ecosystem of diverse founders, investors and companies.

Our Core Belief - Diversity is Profitable

Financial Funding Gap
report published by Pitchbook revealed that of the over $40 billion of funds raised by venture capital firms, less than 3% of this is allocated to minority-owned startups. Even more alarming is that this percentage decreases if you fall into more than one minority group. Out of $85 Billion in VC Funding Last Year, Only 2.2 Percent Went to Female Founders. And Every Year, Women of Color Get Less Than 1 Percent of Total Funding (Forbes). This, however, is a huge business opportunity and an area to create positive social impact.

Research Show that Diversity is Profitable
McKinsey & Co. research found that companies with the most ethnically diverse executive teams—not only with respect to absolute representation but also of variety or mix of ethnicities —are 33 percent more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Top-quartile companies on executive-level gender diversity worldwide had a 21 percent likelihood of outperforming their fourth-quartile industry peers on EBIT margin, and they also had a 27 percent likelihood of outperforming fourth-quartile peers on longer-term value creation, as measured using an economic-profit (EP) margin. This is our foundation. We seek, nurture and accelerate companies and look for the Diversity Dividend.


Our Offering


We provide advisory services for entrepreneurs, corporations and other entities.


We invest in ideas and early stage companies that fits our criteria with micro investments.


We accelerate ideas and companies through a structured follow-up program.

Who do we look for?


Diverse Founders

Ideas or companies that have at least one co-founder with diverse background


Diversity Solutions

Ideas or companies that have solutions and tools for diversity


Diverse Investors

We look for diverse investors to support companies in our pipeline. We work on building an ecosystem of diverse founders, investors and companies

Have and idea or company with diversity at the core?

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